Teyana Taylor ‘Covers Rolling Out Mag (Pics Vid)

Published on October 31st, 2014

They say 7 is a lucky number.. Seven years after Taylor signed her 1st deal with Williams’ Star Trek label, she gets a chance to make a mark with a major label project. Backed by West’s G.O.O.D Music and Def Jam, VII is her reintroduction.






On dealing with haters and negativity:
I don’t block that s— out; it hurts,” Taylor says. “But then you also have the brighter side of things. It’s a give and take. If you can take compliments, then you should be able to take when people have negative things to say. It’s very hurtful, but I don’t block it out. It hurts, then I speak about it, and then it’s over. You’ll read one negative comment out of 99 good comments, but it will be that one negative comment that will really have you pissed off. But once you relax a little bit and calm down and think about the good, then it makes you feel better and you go about your day.”

On her relationship with Iman Shumpert:
“I’m happy,” she admits about her relationship with Shumpert. “I’m not on the phone too much and I’m not really on social media now. When you have a peace of mind, which is your companion, you listen to your man so when he’s telling you to calm down, then eventually you let it go. But when you’re in your own space and you feel independent with your feelings, then it’s just like, ‘OK, I’m going to do what I want to do.’ But when you have your peace of mind, it takes your mind off all the negativity and all the people that [are] trying to bother you.”


Teyana Taylor on Thirst Traps & Falling Back From Aaliyah Movie w/ VladTV


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