Nas – Life Is Good (Album Review) #A1HH

Published on July 14th, 2012

Its not a lot of times in todays music especially Hip Hop now a days . That they create a all around project. But to even come close to a masterpiece. Or to even recreate there epicness or do it again,over and over. By the way this is the 1st review on the new look on the site. So I enter one of my top 3 favorite MC’s. And it must be something cause you all know I don’t write much. So this must be something special to genuis. Queens own Nasir Jones has done it yet again. 20 years in the game looking 17. HA!  10th studio album. Starting off the album going to a dead end only to make it home. If had his last words to preach on his pulpit screaming his “No Introduction

fresh off the corner from smelling the pissy halls and gun powder from the streets of NY. Pushing 40 but having a young stallion at her age of 21. Cause… “ya either laughing at em or your laughing with me”. It gets no better than that. For the intro. Opening up the curtains as the crowd cheers for greatness. Drums blazing with the bass in tears because of what it just witness. Coming a long way huh. On this song he say’s – “She says, “third leg from a legend is sheer heaven”She says, “it is the greatest loving”The tales you hear is the truth, on me Who wasn’t the most faithful husband” We all know when there preasure he gets better… Think about it. From the Jay-Z beefs and etc. Thanks Kelis… Be aware he didn’t sing another sad song but just picked up the wedding dress she left at there home. He caught her saying “I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!”  Telling  his story of when they was on that planet on Neptunes. A Queens Story He tells a story as if he was Nas- “Niggas rap sheets look like Obituaries”

Verse 4 . Lyrics “Watch the con realest channel his mom’s spirit Goosebumps cover me, mother’s here, I could feel her Blood of Christ covers me, our savior and healer Drug prices up or down, I know a few dealers And some accident murderers, they act like they killed on purpose Liars brag they put work in You ain’t mean to murk him, your gun’s a virgin Better stay on point, if not, it’s curtains Bebo Posse reincarnated through me, probably If music money didn’t stop me I never claimed to be the toughest Though I’m to blame for a few faces reconstructed It’s the game that we was stuck with Now I’m the only black in the club with rich Yuppie kids Sad thing, this is the top, but where the hustlers went? No familiar faces around, ain’t gotta grab the musket It’s all safe and sound, champagne by the bucket Where them niggas I shouted out on my first shit? Bo cooking blow, fucking slay that, where Turkey went? Old videos show niggas that was murdered since Another reason to get further bent Put your glass high if you made it out the stash spot And here to tell your story and celebrate the glory Drinks in the air for my niggas not here This for the fallen soldiers Hold it down, I told ya Pop another bottle and keep the smoke rolling”

Did he find that lost little girl in his Daughters? You sware he was still in the Illmatic zone,if not he took it there. He touched the grounds of the floors of his childhood floors and walls. But the fully grown version of course. Yes he did his last album “Nigger” but this one channels the full body of him. Not to political but a taste of both sides and shades of his reality. With heart felt soul touching songs like “World’s An Addiction“. featuring Anthony Hamilton. He sang on it as if he played Marvin Gaye and Nas lived in the begining of the crack era. Seeing the epidemic of what kills the generation we have now. Seeing the 90’s babies fight with self,and the cross between the evils of the mind and eyes. Seeing zombies of what we lay by in America. Who really wins? The endangered species of our future would. Key lyrics to me in that song…Nas- “Was young and nervous, asking myself what’s the purpose, in the Explaine back of a patty wagon, bracelets, aching me Pigs ignoring, I’m asking what precinct they taking me These cops can’t relate to me, death to prison, empty vacancy.”

Still think HipHop is Dead? He shuts that up. Well that talk is always arguable . Not if your go to is the local radio or programed BET. Or your so called Pop station. But have those bangers like “Summer On Smash feat. Miguel & Swizz Beatz (Produced by Swizz Beatz)”. But don’t let me give you all the goodies. He bascilly lit up a cigar and put on his Stacy Adams and two peace and saw his holiday through the visions of the pacific ocean. Ending it on the top of his very well earned yacht. He would tell you those stories on “You Wouldn’t Understand” song. Yes we like girls and the good life as well. Even if life was hell,it could be worse. Put his shoes on,could you even wear them? Life is paradise at times… Rewinding it to “Back When” he pictured his 80’s rap as a child seeing his favs coming up to now. Time flies from then to now. Its like a twilight zone. Hop on the train and see the city housing. Play that radio loud with the booming system.


“To call them fake today is hate, real niggas extinct Pac left me inside a rap world with niggas that’s weak And other rappers, undercover niggas spit every way Won’t be surprised if all their rides have federal plates”

If Tupac was alive now I belive that him and Nas would be the coolest friends,with so much in common. He go’s basicaly Esco in “The Don. As one of the songs that touched me so much.”Stay” From top to bottom. With the piano in the background and the horns crying. Against all odds he still loves his enemies. Even if she came in a green dress or blue one. This could easily be played with moms or on a Sunday cooking breakfast or before and after the rain brings you to a alone place. You love them but you hate them at the same time. The quite killer in some of us. But we all needed that certain person to be.


Verse 2: STAY Even though I don’t like you, next Friday night can’t wait to fight you Locked up I would knife you, don’t fuck with you Last month I even bucked at you, you got locked I felt bad, wait, do I got love for you? I might kill you, but do I got love for you? I want you dead under 6 feet of soil At the same time, want you here to witness me while you in misery We hate each other, but it’s love, what a thug mystery Years ago they ate the heart of a slain enemy We enemies, but your hatred could never enter me Some seek fame cause they need validation Some say hatin’ is confused admiration Spotlight on me, I still look twenty Still get money, lady killer pushin’ a Bentley Maybe niggas could see too much of they failures through a nigga who realer I don’t like you near bruh, but I need you to… Stay

If you had to drink her,she should be your forever “Cherry Wine“. That means she will last a lifetime . Him and Amy Winehouse talks poerty to each other. Being that her soul rest in peace. They was soulmates of music and friendship. She hears his heart before he could say the worlds he thinks. The best of soulful worlds. Her voice carries the hook making epic tones the harmonies of her magnetic sounds. She will be so so missed. You see the art peace those two just painted… Love is a motherfuker. Mr. & Mrs . Jones had there good and bad times. Ending there marriage. Samples from Guy’s Aaron Hall voice on the hook. Singing “Bye Baby“. Damn did she really have to leave the green wedding dress though? haha! Now thats just wrong. It was fun while it lasted I guess. Brother gots to do better but we all are victims of slipping a little.


From 1- 14 and even the bonus tracks from 15-18 . My ears was wrapped in a maze. If that 17 year old boy could talk to the man he is now. What would he ask? What would he say? The conversions of the genius child and man now. Putting his mind in the chamber and pushing back time to live in the 90’s only to come back with what he saw. And that being said he would tell the younger version of him. “Life Is Good” With his MoTown crew on production for most of the tracks , No ID and Salaam Remi. He shuts up cridits again. Hitting them with the GodFather flow,resting in his Illmatic / It Was Written ,album zone lyrics. One of this years album best. He creates this phenominal disc to pleasure and cure your ears. Who says the art of story telling in rap is dead? I think he shuts that down. Biggie and Pac are smiling right now,just as the other falling artist that died sooner before they could do what this guy has accomplish,being in stories July 17h. No matter what you said then. Now he is still known as Nasty Nas! I give this album a Rating: 4.5 out of /5


Go buy the album and support real music. Nuff said

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