Maxwell Interview @ The Breakfast Club Power (Video)

Published on April 8th, 2016


My favorite neo soul singer made his way for some laughs. After his 1st album Urban Hang Suite ,just turned 20years old. Wow! Naw…really I’ve been using this as the go to for at least 15 so do the math. I’m getting old haha! Genius album from top to bottom. Says he has a little anxiety about new music because he compares his new music to his old records and he concerns himself with making his music timeless but relevant. The reason he can relax because he has been able to stay humble,an because Columbia execs are like his family. He takes a lot of breaks so he can get his mind right.
Says he finds every woman beautiful.
He prefers shy women. Plus the legend says he is giving away his sperm if you buy his new record. Lol

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