Kerry Washington Covers Uptown (Video BTS)

Published on November 30th, 2012


On what drew her to Django and the controversy around the movie:
“I’ve never seen slavery dealt with this way before in film. So often it’s a white character who’s the savior of black people.” “We should have a plethora of visions and interpretations of who we are as a nation.” But she admits, “This is not necessarily the film I would make about slavery.”

On growing up in the Washington household and her multi-cultural family:
She still remembers the lively, sometimes heated, discussions on race and society around the dinner table. “My family’s very multiethnic,” she says. “When we get together for the holidays, it is the U.N., across the board.” via. more photos @  Uptown

When I think of a flawless brownskin,this brown sugar gal,comes to mind. Would you mine? I wouldn’t at all. Having a new film coming in some weeks “Django Unchained” On Christmas day.

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