Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid m.A.A.d city” (Album Review) #A1HH

Published on October 25th, 2012

Let me starts this when…. You know a album is official plus dope when u driving and someone is on the side hearing it. And they say.”that Kendrick be jamming mannn! “I said damn u heard me all over there? “… he said “Yes! Its a classic!  Leaving Target with no copy to be found. Walking out and he is there shouting to me “You are a real Hip Hop head. You downloaded it and still buying it. That’s what you call a guy that knows great music” … Me. I don’t buy albums like I use to. The last album I bought was Kanye’s last one. Which is classic to me. I support real quality homie,and the realness. Period! … The guy ” I’m from Compton,and the homie’s gave me a copy via net. And I’m broke and I’m still trying to buy it.” ….I shacked his hand told him to go to A1 and continued in the car. The 1st thought that came to mind was whoa! That’s what music is missing now a days. That feeling. That magic,when we use to go to the stores and cop albums and be excited about something coming out. Now this guy was dead broke. Corn rolls and all ha! And still trying to make a way.  Talk about a real Hip Hop moment. By the way we spoke a bit more but had to cut it short on here ha! Funny thing is. I went to Best Buy and got the last one .

Been bumping thisclassic”  for about a week now. And can’t stop playing it. Having me in a zone. Having me locked it. Catching certain sounds,thoughts. Plus elevation. Kendrick putting the West on his back. Something must be in the waters on his city Compton. Cause him and Dr.Dre just as well with The Game is created epic moments in perfect timing.  From the Genesis of the kids 1st prayers from start. Gives you the content of where he is taking this album. Inhaling 1-15 with 3 bonus tracks. He puttsBoys in the Hood” & “Menace To Society“. Becoming Cuba Gooding jr in the film. If  Dr.Dre really wrote and spoke for his songs. This will be a album he could write. This is one of the main reasons Dre relates to the young guy.  I thought I was listening to early 90’s motion picture. Theme with the ladies from “Poetic Justice”. Having me in tears laughing hearing his moms and pops on the skits within the songs. By the way… I think he lost his Dad’s domino’s in his mothers van haha!  Having the domino effect from his crew T.D.E. Top Dog,that is. 

And now a official rate for the album. Giving it a 9 out of 10. Yes you saw it right. Some is hinting this to Nas phenomenal “Illmatic“. Hmm.. Well we might just have to see right? Time will tell. But Mr.Good Kid keeps the collaboration little. Just Dr.Dre, Mc Eiht, Drake and Jay Rock. With Mary J.Blige on the bonus last cut. Being innovative with fast flows flavors of a bit Bone Thugs and spiting over ya ears in ragging like Pac flows. Not letting you hear the second breath of his oxygen,making you all get chills from your hearts to your inter body. Starting off and ending it in a story of a boy seeing things in his eyes before getting out of High School.  Sherane A.K.A. Master Splinters Daughter, the 1st song of a girl being  his Eve that took the apple from his tree. But like they say wants a good girl is gone..She’s gone forever. Damage goods. Don’t trust a big butt and a smile , most woman are now poison. Meanwhile we all hate when Bitch, Dant Kill My Vibe. Being in our own zones and jamming to what gets us in emotion creations. What sonic sounds him and Ali has enhanced to pleasuring ears. “I’ll take your girl friend and put the pussy on a pedestal” Feat. Anna Wise Of Sonnymoon sings. He see’s now that some of new people around him just wanting to be famous. What a new life for the kid. Only being 24 , he says being the reincarnation of  Tupac. I wonder what Pac what he would say to him now in his dreams?

Hit-Boy produced powering basses of “Backstreet Freestyle” The homie had his beats Disk ready. And yet again shows Houston love screaming “I got 25 later’s on the dresser,yes sir” …. He went in so hard,he thought he was in the matrix. Which pill you think he took? Red or Blue? Ha! BIIITTTCHHH! NO WAY! He splashed his own dreams on here. If you thought your mind was playing tricks on you being confused but “The Art Of Peer Pressure” have us all tripping getting caught up in the balance of life in making a right,then making a left then a right,then making a left. Its just the circle of life. He finds himself lucky with the homies.  Publishing jewels of moments of a day of Cali that all of us tend to forget . But he sends a reminder but some of us never forgets what the naked soul could do to anyone of there not bare but scared of what we could see. If that soul spoke,  Halle Barry or hallelujah!  This is reminding me of the Chronic days with how he puts the interludes and skits together thinking this is only the score to his life’s soundtrack.  One of my favs on this disk is the Pharrell’s produced track. “Good Kid” … Wanna reconnect with you hallucination ? Just listen to your own education and tune in to your own station. If all the sounds your hear is the rhythm of violence, the instrumental backgrounds themes would be the 911  / ambulance sirens. I’m not gonna spoil the album for you but let me just say this. Enjoy this. Sprinkling the ingredients of gun power and the red top drugs of the liquid medicine into this album and comes up with the  DNA what you all created in this  m.A.A.d city . In the end even the hardest ,thuggest person says his last Hell Mary’s last prayers . Fighting all demons in this would with few angels and some look at us blind in this movie we play in viewed by Heaven. It will be the beginning of some of us all due date but beginnings on October the 23rd. Are you tired of running? Fuck the world! … SEX SLAVE! Now watch that “Black Boy Fly


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