Jada Pinkett Smith On How Tupac w/ ‘Arsenio Hall (Video)

Published on March 4th, 2014

Two people that remind me of a special person in my life …Soulmate Icky


Pac was probably one of the first male figures that I had in my life that saw the beauty and the talent and my intelligence, separated from sex. That’s something that a child, a young girl usually gets from her father. I didn’t have that. Pac was the first one… that… it wasn’t about sex. It was about, ‘You? You’re a beautiful woman. You’re talented. You’re strong. I respect you and you are MY girl! You’re gonna sit right here and I’m gonna protect you! I’mma make sure, if nothing else, you get what you need!’ And that’s what our relationship was like. We kind of did that for each other.



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