Beautiful Nightmare by. Karma (Poetry)

Published on December 2nd, 2011
©Beautiful Nightmare by Karma
Teetering along the edge of pain
Smiling eyes peer
into lost emotions
Paranoia creeps in
so I feel safer on the darker side of the fence
where shadows are familiar
and villains serenade me
with whispers of sweet nothings
 …sweet dreams…
smoke screens and smoking mirrors
and then the fog clears
and everyone seems to be
hiding behind the identity
they pretend to be
misery loves company
so she keeps calling me
someone please wake me
from this beautiful nightmare
This poem is one of the poems she contributed to “Word Connections” by @johnlacarbiere.
Yes she is fully back,as you guys remember on the old site we use to put up plenty of poems from her. Nightmares can be dreams coming true. Just wake up to your heavens,or prey about it.  See more of her poetry on her page. Fire and Passion

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