Aries Spears: Stacey Dash Should be F’d by 2 Chainz & Gays (Video)

Published on March 10th, 2016


I’m in tears …😂😂 but So so true. He said everything for me.

“I think Black people are getting caught in the sauce, man,” Aries Spears told DJ Vlad during their recent sit-down. In this exclusive clip, the comedian covers everything from Kanye West selling “$800 socks” to Prince’s cut-out fits during past performances. Moreso, Spears shed light on homosexuality in regards to comedy, and why LGBT men and women may not take to his stage material. “Everything is funny til it’s about them, and here they are fighting for equality,” Spears began. “Well if you really want true equality, you should be able to be f**ked with like everybody else.”
In this clip Aries Spears also explains why although he doesn’t mind hanging around a homosexual person, it does make him uncomfortable when they’re overly-descriptive about their sexual encounters. “I would often be in the makeup chair and sometimes be listening to two gay dudes have a conversation about one’s date the other night, and long story short, I might hear something really explicit,” Spears said of his time working on Saturday Night Live. “Now you’re forcing me to put an image with them [sic] words. You are forcing me to watch gay porn in my head. That makes me uncomfortable…Why isn’t it okay for me to feel uncomfortable?”
Hear about Aries’ dislike for his son’s open-toed shoes (“I want him like me in work boots and Timbs”), men wearing leggings, and Stacey Dash above.

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