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Published on December th, 2011

A1HipHop @ Of ‘Random Art Swimsuit Shoot (BTS Video)

Photos by .  A1’s @bmckinzyphotography
Take a look of bmckinzyphotography.com shots as the ‘Random Art models show there curves for the swimsuits. Live in Houston weeks ago on a beautiful day. Be on the lookout for the fashion show September 20th. Enjoy with the girls modeling it with  @roccworldpiece with@cee_duc_tive @barbiemonteilh @king_loctician and@luvcookie_mah


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Bigg Fatts Talks w/ A1HipHop (Video)

He speaks on his new single and Houston music Politics in the city. Plus his best box story and more

Onehunnidt – Frienemies (Trailer)

A1HipHop presentation. Shot by A1’s Kristi Brockstar. Album coming soon. Staring Jodii b. basik & Honey Bee

713 Motors ‘Big Ash’ Interview w/ A1HipHop PT.3 (Video)

Two CEO’s speak on the stereotypes good and bad. Talking the business of the company. Celebs changing cars and customizing even creating the brand plus more. http://a1hiphop.com #713Life


Yves Speaks On Blur Video w/ A1HipHop (Video) 


Easy Yves Saint has some fun with @DaBonus . Laughing about people going crazy over the video and the main girl in his new visual. He also spoke about him being a artist in Houston coming from NY and more.


A1HipHop : Presents.. Sydnee Jane

See and witness the 106 & Park girl plus her and her band put of a set show at TSU Homecoming on the Yard. Lookout for her new EP and acting coming soon. For more visit her site. http://sydneejane.com



A1’s DaBonus

What’s Your Favorite Song To Perform? 

1.       Hmmm…I have a few favorites but if I had to choose I’d say Heartbreaker. Mostly because I think it truly shows my performance range, and further I just love to let loose on this song. I can dance around with no cares, and it’s not about being pretty during this song it’s about embodying the emotions of heartbreak and being strong enough to share with my audience. I can head bang my heart out, dance on a table, chair, whatever I feel also because it is basically a rock song , with heavy electric guitar with heavy funk/soul influence. I wrote it a few years ago and it’s evolved a few times and I love it more and more I can’t wait to lay it down in a studio!

What Made You Wanna Sing?

2.       I’m not sure exactly how to answer this but in short, I don’t remember a day in my life I’ve never wanted to sing. Lol Basically. Singing is like breathing to me.

How Was It Performing with KC & JoJo ? 

3.       The K-CI & JoJo thing was totally random and completely spontaneous! One of my most favorite moments. lol Honestly my band and I made jokes about them not showing up and let’s just say we were wrong, not only did they show up they came and sang with me and complimented my voice I was ecstatic! A lot of times because of over exposure from social media and celebrities having to lead such public lives our images of celebs become swayed, but these guys are legends plain and simple. No one can take that away from them, K-CI was on a track with Tupac OMG that’s unbelievable six degrees of separation, but I was honored and blessed by the entire experience. Special thanks to Davette.

What’s In Store For 2014? 

4.       2014: I could be all wordy here but I won’t, Acting, Singing, Songwriting, Band Albums, Photo shoots, Videos, Genuine Artistic Realness J

Karma Jonze ,Chops It Up w/ A1HipHop @ Scope Show (Video)

She speaking about her new single “Booty Call” and album coming soon. Austin’s own. Last Sunday In Houston http://a1hiphop.com/


Uzoy ‘Speaks On New Album @ Scope Show w/ A1Hiphop

Uzoy speaks with us ,about her up and coming EP/Mixtape’ Uzoy Like The Gun.. Coming Soon. And plus more. Sunday 11-9-2013

John Dew On Stage For T.S.U.’s Homecoming 2013 (Video)

The T.H.E.M. members own puts on a show at this years Texas Southern University(T.S.U.) Homecoming. Houston’s own. Make sure you download his new E.P ‘The Johnny Hathaway’ as well.

Sydnee Jane ‘Show TSU Homecoming’ (Trailer) w/ A1HipHop

Coming in a few days. You are gonna witness the Jane’s World. The BET’s 106 & Park gal herself rocks the stage with her band for T.S.U. Homecoming.. Coming soon,on A1HipHop shortly

Ami Miller Performs @ TSU Homecoming 2013 (Video)

A1HipHop captures her on stage in Houston,TX. The 106 & Park Freestyle Queen performs, Same Ole Thangs and What They Talking Bout? Look out for her new EP/Mixtape coming soon.


A1HipHop In the Studio w/ Onehunnidt (Video)

He records his verse featuring with rapper friend from Houston Tony Del Freshco. In this video you can see Mike Red and more. A1 exclusive. Tony and his pimp flow on the cut and Onehunnidt and his bars for the gals. Coming soon. EP.1


Director’ Michael Sterling Has Fun w/ A1HipHop (Video)

At a fashion show weeks ago in Houston,he talks about his new film Behind The Pole and more ,with @DaBonus

A1HipHop ‘s @ Love Dominique’s ‘Recap Cupcake EP Party’ (Video)

On 9-3-2013 ..Houston’s own Celebrates her ‘Wicked Heart EP’ release on Itunes. With some treats,of cupcakes. With good fun and vibes and laughs. A1HipHop caught all the actions. She speaks on her heading to NY to the VMA’s and more. This is featuring @QueenBobbi excuse the typo in the video, @Tiaramysue @DjyoungSamm and others

Adrienne ‘AD’ Talks The Dating Struggle w/ Claudia Jordan (Video)

A1HipHop’s own talks with Claudia Jordan, she held a fashion show in Houston to support her charity faceforafrica.com. Thedatingstruggle.com host A.D. talks dating struggles with the radio and tv personality very candidly.

Onehunnidt – Father’s Day (BTS Video)

Coming next week. His official visual. But in the meantime, let his son tell the story for his Day,behind the camera. Shot in Houston.

Claudia Jordan Talks w/ A1HipHop (Video)

September 30th hosting and being apart of a fashion show in Houston. She speaks on the new things she is doing. From her and Jamie Foxx bringing back the Foxx Hole radio show. To even the MTV Awards ,and Miley Cyrus

Sydnee Jane & DaBonus w/ The Y.O.U.! Youththoutdoorunity @ The Texans Football Game (Video)

On August 17th on a Saturday the kids brought out the flag on the field as A1HipHop and Sydnee Jane capture those moments for the kids. The played against the Dolphins and won of course. 17 to 24. If you want to be apart of the program and for more info. Go to youthoutdoorunity.org


Murder By The Numbers ‘Recap Show’ by. A1HipHop.com (Video)

A1 Caught the performances at Warehouse Live on 8-9-13. There was a stage with the crew. From George Young, Trilly, Reginald Ghonson, C.I.T.Y, Jodii B. Basik, and Onehunnidt . Plus more with special guest.Sean Falyon and Lana Fame. Dj Donnie Houston,and Doughbeezy. Enjoy this movie you are seeing


@basikasshole @onehunnidt @stillhigh44 @bradgilmore @FattyHaddy @thegeorgeyoung @citychronicles @trilly713

A1HipHop ‘BTS @ 713 Life’ (Video)

A few days ago 8-19-2013 Five Star Dank’s Live with A1,for some exclusive looks for something special they are doing for the city. Watch them and @713Motoring ‘Big Ash’ and the 713 Life gals have fun. Instagram : tking713  maggiemoo_91

Skull Headz ‘DHA Kidd’ Freestyles w/ A1Hiphop (Video)

On this all white day, July 12th for Knocks BDay. Before they go party,the crew go’s in. Hosted by A1’s Five Star Dank #713LIFE @dhakiddofficial

A1HipHop @ Stalley’s Mixtape Signing At Warehouse Live (Video)

In Houston yesterday at WareHouse Live. MMG’s own, has a signing for his new Mixtape “Honest Cowboy” out now. 8-14-2013. Getting a surprise  painting and he shows A1HipHop.com love while it plays. #A1SHIT! #A1HH .. Photos shot by my partner @bmc3photography



Video Stalley x ScHoolboy Q “NineteenEighty7″



















A1HipHop’ @ ‘Murder By Numbers Show’ Live Freestyle (Video)

Last Thursday in Houston,TX 8/9/2013 after the show. They decided to let the beat play and put real bars to the limit. #A1HIPHOP gets and exclusive look at the boys having fun and getting it in.on stage. This is was featuring @Onehunnidt @basikasshole with a out the blue guest by @Doughbeezy.  @thegeorgeyoung @citychronicles @stillhigh44 @trilly713 and more. Enjoy! Epic night at Warehouse Live.They are not playing any games

Sydnee Jane Gets Silly w/ A1HipHop (Video)

Ms Jane acts silly with us,before the interview soon… Enjoy haha! Houston’s own. We talk about her being on 106&Park and doing things at Magic 102. Coming shortly

A1HipHop @ Tiaramy – Poe Me Up (Behind The Scenes Video)


Shot by Break Dem Boyz Off Productions…@TiaramySue  Her team was in the building with @djyoungsamm and others. Done in Houston 8/1/13. There’s nothing wrong with a little house party and drank. Her own flip remix,feat .TooReal Entover off DJ Khaled’s “No New Friends”. ‘There’s Something About Tiaramy ‘ mixtape out August 23rd

djsamand TPOEMEUP

ME & T

Listen below..


International O Chats w/ A1HipHop

Love Dominique Talks w/ A1HipHop (Video)

Houston’s own she speaks about her new Ep Wicked Heart. Putting it out on Itunes. Her writing process. Her being on XXL Online mag and more. Wicked Heart out 9/3/2013 A1HipHop.com

Love Dominique – Come Back (Video)

A1HipHop @ Tiaramy – Poe Me Up (Behind The Scenes Video)

Houston’s own @internationalo … @Dabonus chats with him about about music from the new Jay Z and Kanye new albums to even his start and how he got his name. From the Spring Board Fest to the KCOH show. With even him growing as a person business wise plus more A1HipHop.com



A1 HipHop Interviews PJ Morton @ House Of Dereon (Video)

On June 23rd Young Money’s new r&b signed artist comes to Houston from New Orleans tour. And puts on a great show. Performing some of his new hits and gives us a few words of his likes and influences before he gets on stage. Sorry for the hold up do to technical issues. Pics below by @Bruce McKinzy ‏


Me & PJ Morton


me @ hOUSEOF D







TroubleSum ft. Dante Higgins – Maybe (Trailer)

#A1SHIT#A1HH The 1st installment tease of what we have in store for you all. Houston’s own turns shoes to heels and lets her rhymes glow. From her latest Mixtape  Stiletto to the Pedal

An Urban fairytale of struggle and strife. An artist must stay true to oneself and eventually success will lend its hand.

A1 Cinema/Executive Producer: Dominic Da Bonus

Brockstar Videos/Director/Producer: Kristi Brockman

AD’s The Dating Struggle ‘Ep1: An Island Dream (Video)


She finds herself interviewing someone that makes her smile and feel enjoyed.
The Dating Struggle’s “AD” speaks with dreamy Troy from Barbados. He gives a male perspective into the struggle of relationships.

#thedatingstruggle If you thought ‘Sex and the City’ was good…..you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” @ADiva5


For many years, women flocked to scripted TV shows like Living Single, Sex and the City, and Girlfriends. Books like “He’s just not that into you” and “Think Like a Man” flew off the shelves. Single women everywhere are continuously looking for answers to get them out of what I like to refer to as “The Dating Struggle” www.thedatingstruggle.com She go’s in the streets to events in the city of Houston to get females and males opinions on the topic. Get ready for some funny one’s and some hard one’s. And some….that are not gonna bite there tongue. Thanks to http://a1hh.com  & www.poshkouture.com


Also look and check every week for… The Struggle of the week.



A1HipHop @ “The Connect” Radio Show w/International O & Wes Coas

Special thanks to: @BMc3photography Bruce for the photos & @Renzeeo for the game on fiances and etc.
A1HipHop, Trae The Truth and Hollywood Floss for coming and the call in to the radio show.

Shot on MARCH 9TH, KCOH 1230AM in Houston–1st launch for “The Connect” Radio. A fun show for the launch. Reminded me of back in the day of when my moms use to go to the station when I was a child in 3rd Ward a visit the show with Wash Allen. Now with the only urban spot on KCOH Radio.

A new Urban Station that will air every Saturday from 12-2pm. The station will not only cover Urban Music, but also have a counselor on site for crisis management, as well as College Directors to influence the youth to further education. The station will also bridge the gab between younger and older generations, with a demographic to reach the ages of 16-35.


The station will be hosted by Ohmare “International O” Washington, and Gerron “Wes Coas” Rose. The station will not only play commercial music, but also break new records from upcoming artists from all over the world. “The Connect” can also be heard by using the “Tunein” app on your smartphone, for those who are not local.

For those who are interested in Sponsorship, and Advertising, please feel free to contact via email – theconnecthou@gmail.com



A1HipHop Houston All Star Weekend Recap w LaLa & Hazel-E Interview Video

Chilling wtih the Money Team in the studio on 9/23/2011 and we chill and have fun and do our own spin on Ray J’s radio rant lol! Make sure you download Hollywood Floss new mixtape on http://a1hh.com/ and the new HasHBrown coming in November.


E-Rock From the Legendary 5th Ward Boys Endorses A1HH.COM

E-Rock From the Legendary 5th Ward Boys Endorses A1HH.COM from A1HH.COM on Vimeo.

A1HipHop (Starburst & Da Bonus) @ The House Of Blues ft. The Nice Guys, Killa Kyleon & Bun B

A1HipHop (Starburst & Da Bonus) @ The House Of Blues ft. The Nice Guys, Killa Kyleon & Bun B from A1HH.COM on Vimeo.

A1HIPHOP Interviews w/ Ami Miller

A1HIPHOP Interviews w/ Ami Miller from A1HH.COM on Vimeo.

A1HipHop Interviews Killa Kyleon @ The House Of Blues In Houston,TX

A1HipHop Interviews Killa Kyleon @ The House Of Blues In Houston,TX from A1HH.COM on Vimeo.

Dre “Starburst” Bloopers Before the interview!

Dre “Starburst” Bloopers Before the interview! from A1HH.COM on Vimeo.

Dee-1 Interviews w/ A1Hiphop

Dee-1 Interviews w/ A1Hiphop from A1HH.COM on Vimeo.

A1Hip Hop Interviews “T.H.E.M.” ft, hasHBrown,John Dew & Hollywood Floss

A1Hip Hop Interviews “T.H.E.M.” ft, hasHBrown,John Dew & Hollywood Floss from A1HH.COM on Vimeo.

A1HIPHOP.COM Common brings a lady on stage@ The Hennessy Artistry

http://a1hh.com/ LOL!See o girl on stage get down with Common as he flips D’Angelo’s “Your My Lady” on the hook for the song “Come Close”

A1HH.COM Exclusive Behind The Scenes Interview with Common @Hennessy Artistry In Houston,TX

http://a1hh.com/ See him having fun and talk about performing on stage with Big Daddy Kane.He also speaks on making and mixing his own drinks.Excuse me for moving the cam so much lol.

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