A1HipHop Presents… Adrienna “A.D.” Donnell ‘The Dating Struggle’ (Trailer Show)

Published on April 2nd, 2013

#thedatingstruggle If you thought ‘Sex and the City’ was good…..you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” @ADiva5


For many years, women flocked to scripted TV shows like Living Single, Sex and the City, and Girlfriends. Books like “He’s just not that into you” and “Think Like a Man” flew off the shelves. Single women everywhere are continuously looking for answers to get them out of what I like to refer to as “The Dating Struggle” www.thedatingstruggle.com She go’s in the streets to events in the city of Houston to get females and males opinions on the topic. Get ready for some funny one’s and some hard one’s. And some….that are not gonna bite there tongue. Thanks to http://a1hh.com  & www.poshkouture.com


Also look and check every week for… The Struggle of the week.



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