(90’s Visions) Louis Farrakhan On Arsenio Hall Show

Published on April 10th, 2012

Now this was what the 90’s was about and this show. The early years of him was epic. Naw Wendy Williams couldn’t compete. When Louis came on this show,it caused so much hell from his controversial topics to there opinions on the system and life. I was like…..Ummm a lil one let’s just say that and I remember around this time. This is what caused the show to get canceled. The show started from January 3, 1989 to May 27, 1994. So if I’m not mistaken this was in 1994. The year of Snoop,Warren G and just Deathrow and Westcoast music in general. In February 1994, Hall booked controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to be on the show. Despite a press release saying that Hall would have other guests appearing the night of Farrakhan’s appearance,[16] Hall instead allowed Farrakhan the entire sixty minutes for himself to be interviewed. The backlash from the appearance and subsequent ratings dip was enough for Paramount to finally cancel Arsenio after five years. The final episode aired on that year. From the start of the show you could see the nervesness of Arsenio. But he felt like he had to do it for the people and all that wanted him again on there. Calling him then the “New Black Hitler” whoa! He didn’t wanna respond to that but he did. While they chop it up on him going hard on us blacks and also coming down hard on us as well. To think if this show was still going on now with the Trayvon Martic case mann! Check it out you guys.

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